MAC Basic Make-up Workshop: Review

After attending the 5-day session of MAC’s Basic Make-up Workshop, here’s my over-all review covering the venue, school administrators, time slot, course program, instructor, in-store visit during the 5th day of the workshop and lastly, the distribution of certificate. Also, I’m giving tips for those who plan to enroll in SoFA Design Institute next time they offer this course.

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MAC Basic Make-up Workshop: Highlights

I was so excited to attend MAC’s basic make-up workshop for I really wanted to learn their strategy in achieving certain looks. Out of extreme excitement, I even prepared all of my make-up and tools days before the workshop started.

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MAC Basic Make-up Workshop: Course Information

As a make-up artist, I don’t want to cease learning about other make-up products and techniques. I enjoy searching for other make-up artists’ works and studying their styles in achieving certain looks.

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